Taking in the moment: Q&A with Spearman four-star Brenen Thompson


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[Graphic by Hayes Fawcett]

Spearman wide receiver Brenen Thompson released his top six schools last Saturday night via his Twitter account.

The four-star standout named Alabama, Clemson, Oklahoma State, Oregon, Texas, and Texas A&M, as the finalist of his eye-opening 36 Division I offers.

Thompson had an extremely busy month of June with official visits to Oklahoma State, Oregon, and Texas A&M, along with an unofficial visit to Texas. Thompson will have two visits remaining in the fall when he travels to Alabama and Clemson.

The senior-to-be is currently ranked as the No. 87 player nationally and the No. 11 wide receiver, according to the 247Sports Composite rankings.

Thompson took time out of his busy schedule to speak with Press Pass Sports on the releasing of his top six, his latest official visits, and the upcoming football season.

You had a busy month of June traveling around the country visiting colleges, how was that?

“It was great. Finally being able to start this process and get to visit the places I wanted to see was amazing.”

How’d it feel to get those six schools out to the public and let people know these are the schools I’m really looking at?

“I’ve had those six schools in my head for a while. It was more or the matter of going on the visits and making sure these are the right places. It’s been great so far.”

What was unique about each school you visited?

“I think a place like Oregon was very unique. It was very diverse up there. Close to 85 percent of their students aren’t even from Eugene. Then you go somewhere like Texas or Texas A&M where it’s a lot of Texas kids, and Oklahoma State was the same way. It definitely stuck out to me how different each school was.”

I saw you took some fun photos in the uniforms of all the schools you visited. Was there a favorite one of those photos you took?

“I’d say the one with my little cousin Greyson at Texas A&M. Just seeing him smile and have a great time meant a lot to me.”

Was there a certain place that stuck out to you?

“There was a couple that really stuck out. I still have two more to go in the fall, that’s Clemson and Alabama, then we’ll go from there.”

What has been like trying to be a normal high school student-athlete, and being as busy as you seem to be?

“I just do my best to control it all. I keep my head down and never forget what’s important. I do my best to block out a lot of the noise and distractions. That’s how I handle it best.”

How many times do you get asked about where you’re going to go a day?

“I do get it quite a bit, but I’ve found how to handle it. I’ve come to expect it now so it has been just fine.”

We’re sitting in the weight room with you right now. Is this a place you fine solace?

“For sure. When I come in the gym with my buddies that is our time. You don’t answer the phone and we can focus and be ourselves.”

You still have a senior season left at Spearman. How much focus goes into that?

“It’s my entire focus. I’m here 100 percent before I’m in college. This season my teammates and I are focused on coming out and giving it everything we have. I want to support my teammates, I want then to support me, and I want to work hard for my coaches. All the college stuff can come after.”

I know you and your mother, Bonnie are very close. She’s been in your corner through this entire process. What does she mean to you?

“She’s amazing. She’s always been the hardest on me. I know I always have eyes on me, and I have to be careful what I do, and she’s always the one to help me make the right decisions. She is the reason I am who I am today. I love her so much.”

What kind of leadership are you bringing to the Lynx this year?

“I’ve done my best to be a leader since my sophomore year. I was the quarterback as a sophomore so I feel I needed to be a leader regardless of my age. I’ve always considered myself a leader, and I’ve done my best to push others. Being a senior now It’s going to be a big deal to step up, continue to be that leader and get it done on and off the field.”

Right now we have not just you but four other Texas Panhandle players getting multiple Division I offers. What does that say for the Amarillo-area getting this much attention?

“It’s amazing. We never get a lot of attention this way. When I started getting these offers I was stunned. Before me there was King Doerue, Jalin Conyers guys like that. It’s been awesome to see these 806 guys get what they deserve.”

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